About Us

Mission & Commitment

We’re committed to long-term strength and advancement.

Through continued investment in our employees and maintaining a policy that demands the highest level of work ethic and customer service, Soundwave is committed to long-term stability, growth, and increased performance.

“Soundwave delivers both a quality and a price to keep your business here in the Wood River Valley. Whether you stop by our showroom in Ketchum, seek help from one of our highly trained and devoted staff members, or simply use us as a local resource, we would like to thank you for letting us keep you fully connected to your visual and audio world.”
–Luke Macdonald, C.E.O

Our Staff Commitment

We continually strive to improve our performance.

Even the most advanced technology requires knowledgeable and helpful team members to connect it to the right customer and need. Whether our team is creating a solution for your home theater, or providing the best match to your electronic needs as you browse our showroom in downtown Ketchum, you can count on our staff to give you their undivided attention to find the best match for your needs.

As we understand the importance of being on the cutting edge of this industry, Soundwave installers receive continuous training through nationally recognized organizations keeping them on the cutting edge and up-to-date on products, installation techniques, and programming methods.

Meet Our Team

Luke McDonald

Darren Bearup

Willie Resko